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TITLE: The Illusion.. - Independent


GENRES: Drama Family Horror Teen
DATE: 20 April 2017
BY: vanja kocen - New Writer

Teenage girl Amanda move to the new village with her mother and brother. She hate her stepfather and she starts seeing "ilusions" of clown which are getting worse and worse. Will she be able to get over it?

TITLE: The cabin. - Independent


GENRES: Action Drama Horror
DATE: 25 March 2017
BY: vanja kocen - New Writer

Story about teen friends going to the cabin, when strange disapearings starts.

TITLE: BIG DADDY - Independent


GENRES: Action Comedy Horror
DATE: 21 March 2017
BY: James Nowlan - New Writer

A wino, a prostitute, a security officer, a criminal thug, a bourgeois literary lady, a CEO and a top model sign up for reality TV. They awake locked in a desolate warehouse where they shall be forced to fight for their lives.

TITLE: Aski and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Family Horror Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 27 December 2016
BY: Robbie Mercado - Established Writer

The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler (luchador), a criptozoologist and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as “The Joe Pool Lake Monster”.

TITLE: STASIS* - Independent


GENRES: Drama Horror
DATE: 27 November 2016
BY: Alex Giannoulis - New Writer

Your secrets could kill you...

TITLE: Myth - Independent


GENRES: Horror
DATE: 18 October 2013
BY: Ricky Hawthorne - New Writer

In the Badlands of South Dakota an ancient evil is awoken that only an ancient good can oppose; but which is which?



GENRES: Horror
DATE: 01 April 2013
BY: Danijel Vizi - New Writer

Number of mysterious and brutal murders is increasing, the police come to a standstill, can not understand killer's modus operandi.Their only clue is the paint colour find on every scene of the crime which slowly leads to gruesome discoveries

TITLE: The Last Sunset - Independent


GENRES: Horror Period
DATE: 06 July 2012
BY: Miltiades Varvounis - Established Writer

THE LAST SUNSET is a Gothic Western, set in Ottoman island of Chios, 17th century.


GENRES: Horror
DATE: 05 January 2011
BY: Alex Pillai - Established Writer

STILLBORN is an English language ghost story, set in modern India.

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