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TITLE: The Illusion.. - Independent


GENRES: Drama Family Horror Teen
DATE: 20 April 2017
BY: vanja kocen - New Writer

Teenage girl Amanda move to the new village with her mother and brother. She hate her stepfather and she starts seeing "ilusions" of clown which are getting worse and worse. Will she be able to get over it?

TITLE: Aski and The Joe Pool Lake Monsterquest - Independent


GENRES: Action Animation Family Horror Sci-Fi Teen
DATE: 27 December 2016
BY: Robbie Mercado - Established Writer

The strange death of a young couple leads a masked wrestler (luchador), a criptozoologist and a local police detective to the lair of a gigantic blood sucking creature known as “The Joe Pool Lake Monster”.

TITLE: Soulful conversation - Independent


GENRES: Family Romance Sci-Fi
DATE: 26 October 2016
BY: Jacob Greenberg - New Writer

A non-religious woman regards with humor an unexpected offer to sell her husband's soul for money but soon the situation turns creepy instead of funny.



GENRES: Comedy Drama Family
DATE: 24 March 2016
BY: Shanon Waddingham - New Writer

A reluctant Santa, grieving the loss of his wife and struggling to reconnect with his life, feels guided by this wife’s spirit to go on a mission to reconcile her dearest friend with her estranged Rabbi brother, and bring their family back tog

TITLE: House Trained - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Drama Family
DATE: 23 October 2014
BY: Simon Parker - New Writer

A boy and his dog defeat two burglars in this one location family film.

TITLE: THREE LIVES - Independent


GENRES: Comedy Family Fantasy
DATE: 09 August 2011

A young girl will have to face her Nemesis in three different lives

TITLE: A BAG OF HAIR - Solicited

GENRES: Family
DATE: 12 October 2010
BY: Maria Douza - Established Writer

A great hearted and sensitive six year old boy persuades all the boys of a small village school to shave their heads when fellow pupil who was treated for cancer returns to the village bald.

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